September Fitness Recap

Two months in a row, think this is a new record for me! My September fitness recap is nowhere near as motivating as my August one. However, it is important to record the down months as well. I think I kinda lost the plot a little bit with what I wanted to do. I was happy about the progress I made and I think that I might have taken it a little bit for granted. But hopefully now I will be able to get back on track. This month I put 2lbs on, which isn’t a huge amount but it was a bit of a bummer. The plus side is that I didn’t put on any inches; which I am putting down to a few little changes. The lack of inch gain is what is making this month less negative than it could have been.

One of the main things I wanted to do with my September fitness regime was to include more exercise in my routine. Luckily, I was able to succeed with this a little bit. I finally started up running again! It is definitely only a small improvement but I am so happy with myself. I didn’t go as often as I would like to and my 5km time was awful but I now have somewhere to start with. I’m currently only going once a week. But I want to up this and go more often, especially as I bought a new pair of trainers! It may seem daft but I think having a pair of good trainers to run with will improve my overall performance. The last pair were a little old and I could see my socks through the fabric. Always a sign to buy a new pair!

With running, I have set myself a kinda target to reach. I feel like goals and targets are the best way for me to work and improve. I mean nothing else seems to be helping! The goal I’ve come up with, and has been jointly decided with Todd, is to complete a 5km in 30 mins. It’s a standard goal but not something I have ever been able to do. I think if I can dedicate myself enough I will be able to achieve this! But first to get my 5kms to be less than 40 minutes….

Unfortunately, swimming still hasn’t been included with my September fitness routine. I don’t know how many times I will need to bring it up but I kinda want to cancel my gym membership first. Yep I am one of those people who has a gym membership that they haven’t used in months! The only positive is that it only costs me about £20 a month. But once I cancel it, I will be able to afford to pay for the swimming fees! So in the next couple of months this should happen.

Another thing I want to start implementing is to hit 5000 steps a day. I know the recommended in 10,000 but I struggle to achieve this on the days that I am at work. I have a very sedentary job and sometimes I think this isn’t helping me! But if I can start to hit 5000 steps a day I will be increasing my walking and exercising on a daily basis, by at least 1000 steps. I’m hoping that once I start to do this on a regular basis I will be able to up the amount until I hit 10000 steeps in a day.

I’m really hoping that October will bring some more good news and hopefully I’ll start to see some reductions in a few different areas! If any of you are looking at making some lifestyle changes let me know! I am currently looking for some healthier meals that I can incorporate into my diet as well.

Hasta la fuego

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