Tenzing Energy Drink Review

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I received a huge crate of Tenzing energy drink from a twitter competition I did hosted by Bloggeration. I never normally win anything but I do like to take part anyway. Part of me is still not sure why I took part in this giveaway as energy drinks are not my usual go to. However, there must have been something that knew I would like this drink. And boy do I like this drink! I have not been asked to write this review but I wanted to anyway!

Tenzing energy drinks are not what you’d expect from a normal energy drink. For a start, there isn’t that strong syrupy-ness to it. Some people like the syrup, but I really do not. I think it’s because there is no taurine in it. I’ll admit it’s a little strange and there is a slight bitterness to the drink but I think this is mainly due to the green tea. Why is green tea such a strong flavour? It leaves a slight drying sensation on your tongue but it’s better than the syrup!

tenzing energy drink review, tenzing energy drink, tenzing, energy drink, natural energy drink, sheffield bloggers, mylavendertintedworld

The idea with this energy drink is to make the drink as natural as possible and the 6 main ingredients are: green tea; green coffee (weird right?); guarana; lemon juice; beet sugar; and Himalayan rock salt. These are not things I’d expect to see in an energy drink ingredient list. But the lemon juice and green tea account for the slightly unusual taste of the drink. I don’t think this unusual taste takes anything away from the drink, but instead enhances it.

The only downside I have with this drink is the amount of sugar in it. It’s normal that there is sugar in an energy and there is beet sugar in the ingredients but it is the only negative I can really find with it. There’s just under 13 grams of sugar per 250ml can which may not seem like a lot but if you drink a few of these a day it could be quite detrimental. So as with all things in life, drinking these in moderation is the best way to go!

Although it’s not like a regular energy drink in its flavouring, it definitely wakes you up. It doesn’t work straight away but once the drink works it’s magic you can tell. I perk up so much after one drink of this and couldn’t imagine going for another brand. Now that I’ve discovered Tenzing I will be looking to buy these in future, even if I have to bulk purchase them. Especially as the box I received has lasted me over two months now! Can you tell I don’t drink a lot of energy drinks?

If you want to give these drinks a try for yourself, head to Team Tenzing for more information!

Hasta la fuego

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