Winter Lip Care Essentials

Every winter I have an issue with my lips getting chapped from the cold and this one has been no different. That’s why I’ve invested in these lip care essentials. It’s not like I’ve never used lip balms before, but this time round I have made more effort to use them daily. I think this might be the best they’ve felt and I will be making sure to keep them well looked after throughout the rest of the year. Something I am guilty of not usually doing.

The first thing that I make sure to use is my Lush Bubblegum lip scrub. A lip scrub is essential for any lip care regime. These scrubs help to remove any dead skin on your lips and make them look healthier before using anything else. This means when you use your lip balm, these can nourish the new skin making any lip colour application much easier. This particular lip scrub is one of my firm favourites. I’m not going to lie, this is mainly due to the taste. I also know that if I’m buying a product from Lush, it will be of good quality. So I don’t mind paying a little extra for it. I am also on my 3rd pot of this product. Just another bit of proof at how much I love this.

Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush is one of my Winter lip care essentials. I use it daily and it really helps remove the dead skin on my lips. This picture shows the bubblegum lip scrub with the lid off in front of a few books.

The next thing that has become one of my go to lip care products is my Albus and Flora lip balm in Sheer. I wrote a mini review of this product on my instagram last year. It is safe to say that my opinion of this product has not changed. This lip balm moisturisers without making your lips feel greasy. You can feel the product sinking in and getting to work at helping your lips. Plus the SPF factor in it means you should be using this every day regardless anyway. After the last year of trying to use this almost daily , I am getting in need or replenishing my stock! And I can also report my lips have never felt better!

This picture of Albus and Floras Sheer lip balm showcases the pink colour of the balm perfectly. One of the best colours for any lip care routine

These two products have been life savers for my lips this winter. They compliment each other so well and help to keep my lips looking smooth and healthy. These should become a permanent fixture in everyone’s handbag for that on the go lip care!

A picture of both the Lush lip scrub and the Albus and Flora lip balm. They are both pinky in colour although the lip scrub is more hot pink and the lip balm is more muted.

Are there any lip care products that you think are essential? Do these differ from the seasons or are they all year round products?

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