Viking Arty Party Sheffield Spring Event

Calligraphy of My Lavender Tinted World written on a white banner, and a yellow origami flower placed beneath it.

I received an invite to the Viking Arty Party back in January, with a planned event date of March. But unfortunately the snow did not want that to happen! I’m not a big snow fan anyway, but to make an event rearrange is unforgivable in my eyes! Especially one I was really looking forward to attending. Luckily I received a rearranged date for the end of April, and it didn’t clash with anything. I made sure that I was free for this date. Nothing was going to stop me from trying out calligraphy!

The event was pretty much an all day occasion, and I met up with Billie beforehand so we could head there together. We both kinda knew where it as but we weren’t completely sure. I’ve never been to The Chimney House before, but it seemed like the perfect blogger venue from the odd pictures I’ve previously seen. Walking inside, I  was not disappointed in this feeling! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful space. I can now appreciate why this is used as part of weddings!

A photo of Laure, owner of My Lavender Tinted World, looking thoughtful at the calligraphy station at the Viking Arty Party
©Elousia Photography

To make sure that we were in equal groups, for the different craft activities, we were each given a coloured card. I was given Red and calligraphy was my first activity. Not going to lie, I was really excited to do some calligraphy. I have always wanted to learn calligraphy. The idea of being able to control a pen so it creates beautiful lettering is something I’ve always wanted. Although I will admit that I was not as good at it as I was hoping it would be. It was a lot of fun, and I think that I might try and find someway to learn more. As much as I loved the quick lesson on it, I need more time to perfect the strokes! Who’d have thought it would be so difficult to do up and down strokes on some paper?

A picture of the attempt of Lauren to write her name in calligraphy during the Viking Arty Party

But I don’t think I made too bad of a job with it! What do you think? I can definitely see me writing out invitations for people in the future! As long as they don’t mind pencil markings underneath! It’s a shame that we didn’t have longer to practice with the pens as there was so much I’d have loved to have and try and perfect, especially writing my name. Don’t ask how I managed to get this “r” to look like an “s”. I’m still not sure myself.

After the first activity we broke for lunch. And the lunch options were great! Although I didn’t get the chance to snap the food before everyone picked their choice. Luckily, the photographer of the day was able to sneak into the room before anyone else and get some good snaps of the food that we were offered. Honestly, I think that Elousia has done a much better job of these than I could have hoped to achieve.

A photo of sandwiches provided at the viking arty party, photo taken elousia photography and displayed on My Lavender Tinted World
©Elouisa Photography
A photo of key lime pie, pecan pie and mixed gluten free, and dairy free desserts at the Viking Arty Party. Photo taken by Elouisa Photography and displayed on My Lavender Tinted World
©Elouisa Photography

I did get a good picture of what I picked up. I actually went for a vegetarian sandwich. Mainly because I love a good cheese and onion sandwich, and that was one of the options. The food looked amazing, and I was impressed with the sandwich size! I did enjoy the sandwich but it seemed like the bread had a little too much salt on it, which made it messy to hold. And I also needed more to drink that I usually do over lunch!

A vegetarian cheese and onion sandwich with a key lime pie at the Viking Arty Party. Photo by Lauren of My Lavender Tinted World

For dessert, I picked up a Key Lime Pie. I couldn’t resist! I’ve never had one before, but The Sims has made me always want to try one. I’m really glad that it did, because this was so nice. There was just the right amount of sweetness. And it was just the right size so I didn’t feel like it was too sickly. But I don’t think I would have been able to eat a second one! I see this as personal growth as well, at one point I would have picked another one up.

A photo of the key lime pie served at the Viking Arty Party.

After lunch, we moved onto the next activity, which for my group was origami. Each of us had a bag that contained different sized pieces of paper, so we could make some flowers. It was a lot simpler than I was expecting. I’ve tried origami before and I did not do well. But I enjoyed making the flowers. It was nice to do something so relaxing. As is usual in my way, the first flower I made I wrapped around my glasses. I tend to try and put flowers and things in my hair, so it was a good compromise. It seems that I may have been the first person to do it as the person from Tea and Craft took a photo of it. I’m now a trendsetter with paper flowers. In all honesty, it was lovely to make something that I can do with ease at home.

The last activity we got to do was paper cutting. Not something I would have thought of trying but I am glad I got the chance to do it. We each had a sheet of paper for us to practice with. The practice bit was easy enough, and I kinda liked it. But actually cutting something out properly? Not so much. I managed to scrap some of the skin of my finger, I hold my pens too low, and I broke the design. I think if I took this up properly, I might seriously injure myself. The fun life of being a bit of a klutz, and I don’t pay much attention! I do like how it turned out, but I don’t think I will be going out to be a scalpel any time soon!

An L with flowers surrounding it, cut out and stuck on a red card background. This was part of the paper cutting at the Viking Arty Party

I really enjoyed myself at the Viking Arty Party and I want to say thank you to Viking Direct for organising this event. I’ll have to get some of their supplies to carry on with some crafting! It has definitely made me want to get more creative in future. But now I need to find something that I can slot into my everyday with ease before it becomes more of a permanent hobby. What is your favourite crafty hobby? Perhaps I’ll give that a go and see if it’s the one for me!

Hasta la fuego

My Lavender Tinted World Signature written in a purpley-pink colour. The name states Lauren with a smiley face at the end. This is the signature of a sheffield blogger

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