Keratin Revolution and Noir Caviar Review

As explained in a previous post I was gifted with some great quality hair products from an event that took place in Sheffield a couple of months ago, and after  having been able to use the products continuously I’ve decided that it’s a good time to write up my opinions.  I decided that the first […]

The Fault In Our Stars Book Review

This summer I finally read John Green’s book The Fault In Our Stars or TFIOS for those of you who do not wish to write out the full name. I had heard about this book since before it was published due to being a subscriber of the youtube channel Vlogbrothers which is run by John […]

The Watchers On The Wall Review

This review has been a long time in the making but here it is at last. Since I watched the last season of Game of Thrones (Season 4) I have been wanting to put my own opinion across about episode 9. The title of the episode and also this blog gives a hint as to […]

Empire Earth Review

So today I’ve gone for one of my favourite games.  Yes it is a simplistic game and also really old! But that doesn’t stop me from sitting and playing it for hours at a time. I am of course talking about Empire Earth (as the title so lovingly points out). Released in 2001 the graphics […]