Race For Life 2015

Race for life is probably one of the better known charity races. It’s been happening for at least 12 years  and each year more and more venues are being created to cater for everyone who wants to take part. And this year it meant that I could do it practically from my doorstep!

I pushed myself a little more this year however by taking part in the Pretty Muddy race. Instead of the usual, painful 5 kilometres. I was face with 5 kilometres mixed in with a muddy obstacle course. I’m not going to lie, it definitely made the entire event more of a challenge. And the state of my bathroom once I’d done was not a pleasant sight!! But I’m glad that I did it as it was something different and also it was an event that pushed you to do as much as possible.

Not as fun as it looked.

The only real problem that I had with it was that they’d hired out some people from a boot camp to make sure that you did the army crawl properly. If you weren’t flat on your stomach they would stand on the net until you were. But they also decided that I was getting through it too quickly and without enough mud on me so I ended up with a bucketful of muddy water chucked at my face. I can understand why they did that but at the same time I think it was a bit ridiculous. I’m just glad that I don’t have to wear contact lenses for any reason. If they had done that to me then I think I might have kicked off a little. I’ve seen what my mum has to deal with if there’s just a speck of dirt in/on her lenses, it’s not a great thing at all!

I would, however, definitely recommend this type of event. If you do it with a group of friends it’s a laugh and the photos that can be taken are great. But if like me you do it on your own be prepared for a lot of time with your own thoughts, plus you have to push yourself to not give up! I hope that next year when I come to do it I will have a couple of people to laugh at the ridiculousness of what we look like.

Also if anyone wants to give a donation to my page the link is here! Even £1 extra would make my day! It would just be nice to go over my target goal!

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The Final Look!!!

Hasta la fuego

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