Amsterdam Day 1

The best sorts of trips are the ones taken with people you enjoy spending time with, which is exactly what happened over the past few days when I went to Amsterdam with Billie and Louise. It was a short and sweet city break but we enjoyed it so much we are already thinking of taking another trip somewhere else later in the year. But more on that later…….

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The trip itself started with a short stay, on the Monday night, in the Clayton Hotel next to the airport. The train journey to the airport wasn’t too bad as Billie and I organised it so that we could meet at the train station in Sheffield after she’d finished work and get a train straight there. I’ve taken that journey so many times before but it is definitely better to do it with someone else.

We met Louise at the hotel, after she helped us to figure out how to cross the roundabout (seriously it is the worst public walkway I’ve ever come across!), where we had a quick freshen up before we headed for a quick bite to eat. I was a bit wary of eating in the hotel as usually the food tends to be expensive and you don’t get a lot with it. I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised. There was a 2 course set menu option and I had a lovely gnocci and sun-dried tomato started and chicken supreme with pomegranate sauce for main. It was to die for and it definitely set me up for some great food for the rest of the week. (All of this food will be given its own separate post as it deserves to have the most space as possible.)

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Early mornings mean selfies right?!

The flight to Amsterdam wasn’t too much of a problem, it was over pretty quick and it definitely helped that I had a quick nap, after 3 hours of sleep in the hotel it was definitely need! I’m always amazed at how relaxed and calm I seem to be on flights but I was glad in this case as Billie tends to get quite nervous with landings and take-offs. It was nice to be able to help someone else for a change instead of being the one who needs calming down.

As soon as we touched down we headed into the centre of Amsterdam and to find the hotel that we’d booked for the short stay there. We weren’t supposed to be able to check in until after 2pm but we turned up at around half 11, mainly to leave suitcases, and luckily our room was ready and they let us check in. I’m not going to lie, the sight of a bed was wonderful! We quickly took a few photos, had a bit of a sit down and quickly ventured back out onto the streets of Amsterdam.

When we first arrived, and we had a little balcony! 😀

Since we’d not eaten since the early hours of the morning and it was now getting past midday we decided to head to the main high street and find something to eat that was quick but filling. We ended up in this little pizza place and had some of the nicest pizzas I’ve ever tasted. And then we decided that to go for what we thought was a 20 minute walk towards the station in search of the Sex Museum… We definitely may have gotten lost at some point but we got to see quite a few different shops so it wasn’t all bad!

The Sex Museum was interesting… It was 4€ to get in and to be honest I’d say that’s about right for it. There was a lot of pictures and statues and silly animatronics. I thought it was quite funny and didn’t take much of it seriously. Although I was impressed with the collection of what was meant to be ancient Greek and Roman plates. Still not convinced of their authenticity though. Also, there are no pictures for this as I didn’t think it was all that appropriate.

Amsterdam sex museum, sex museum, my lavender tinted world, lightinglavender, lollalong
The only photo from the Sex Museum…

After that we took a canal tour of the city. Initially I was paying quite a bit of attention to the information given out, and also enjoying listening to the French (and seeing how the translation went from English to French) but it didn’t take long for my eyes to start closing and having to stop myself from falling asleep. Luckily Billie and Louise felt the same so as soon as the tour was over we jumped back on the tram and headed to the hotel for a quick nap!

I couldn’t help but take this photo! It helped that it was a champagne barge!

Our day ended with some more delicious food and a trip to Door 74. It’s a strange, secretive cocktail bar where we had to request a table via call or text and then told where to go. To be honest when we were first seated in our little booth I was worried that it may have some more nefarious undertones but luckily it didn’t! It was very much like an old 1920s speakeasy with some very inventive drinks! I opted for a strong drink that came in a skull glass, who wouldn’t?! It tasted quite nice but kind of wish there was a bit of a sweet hint to it. I also ate a cranberry thinking it was grape…. I really do not recommend that. It was so bitter and did not taste great!

You know a drink will be good when it’s served in a skull…

Because we managed to do so much in such a short space of time, day 2 will be posted separately over the next few days!

Hasta la fuego


4 Replies to “Amsterdam Day 1”

  1. Great post! Gutted that I couldn't make it.

    I had heard so much about the sex museum, shame it wasn't as good as everyone says.


  2. I know, it's such a shame you couldn't come!! We need to organise a trip for everyone to be able to make it 😀

    It's alright but it's not got a lot of information in it. It's more for the giggle factor with all the sex toys and pornos playing. It could be better.

    Lauren 🙂 x

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