The Body Shop: British Rose Collection

A new season is just around the corner and that means a new range has been launched within Body Shop. To get more people aware of this, a group of bloggers were invited in-store for a quick skincare tutorial and to see the new make-up and skin care range.

We got to see the Drops of Youth range in action as part of a skin care routine and also given a little bit of information with it as well. The collection itself is supposed to be used as an anti-ageing formula and with the use of aloe vera and plant stem cells it aims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well give your skin its youthful look back. Distinctive in it’s green packaging it seems this one has been out for a while now but I’d not heard much about it until this event.

We were also shown two different make-up looks that you can achieve with their new eye shadow palette. I always find it fascinating to see someone else apply make up, I think this is mainly because I’m never really sure if I’m applying my own right, but it definitely gives some inspiration.

The colours in this palette are quite light and pastelesque, perfect for any spring look! But I’m not sure if it is tones that I would wear as I tend to go for slightly darker colours, and I’m not that great at using only certain colours in certain seasons… I think it is definitely worth the price to get a palette like this though as you are able to create a few looks and only need to find one thing to do it with!

To launch the British Rose Collection, they gave a few people hand massages to trial the new shower gels, soaps and moisturisers. I was a bit apprehensive about what this would smell like as normally anything rose scented is quite a harsh smell. However, this is quite light. The rose has been blended with tangerine to make it more suitable for a range of people (and noses). It is definitely something that I would be likely to buy as it fits in with the scents that I already have in my perfume/moisturiser collection. And it doesn’t have the harsh quality that usually makes me steer clear of anything with rose in the title.

After all the demonstrations we were given some time to browse around the shop to see if there was anything of interest and in this time I was given a quick skin care check.

I have combination skin that can be a little sensitive and to be honest, I’ve never really known what was the best thing to use for it. I was recommended to try out some of the Drops of Youth Range and also the Seaweed Skin Care Collection to help the fine lines appearing around my face but to also get rid of the oily and dry patches that appear daily on my face.

So me being me, I bought two sets to get as much as possible for my money and to make sure that what I was trialling would give me enough exposure to both ranges to see if there was a difference at all.

Hasta la fuego

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