Blogmas 2016

I did blogmas for the first time in 2014, and although I didn’t manage to stick to the whole period I was impressed with how much time I was able to put into it. Last year I didn’t think I would be able to have the time to get a post out a day, and with my inability to schedule anything I backed out from doing it. However this year I am giving myself the challenge of fully completing it. I know I’m already a day behind but I promise that I will only be this day behind!

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For my first post on the matter I just wanted to briefly give an idea of what to expect over the next 24 (maybe 23) days. I know traditionally the idea is to focus solely on Christmas related things, but I will be adding the odd normal post into the mix as well when and where I can. This may include:

  • product reviews
  • event write-ups
  • film reviews
  • book reviews
  • my 25th birthday

If there is anything you would love to see on my blog over the next month, just leave me a comment below as none of these posts will have been scheduled and they are all being done on the day. Or maybe the day before if I’m feeling particularly organised!

I hope you enjoy this little series and don’t forget to check back daily!

Hasta la fuego


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