Have You Tried The Tony Maleedy Scalp Therapy*?

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I received a bottle of the Tony Maleedy Scalp Therapy as part of a PR package a couple of months ago. But as I mentioned in my Organic Hair Care review, I like to make sure the product works for me. When I saw they wanted reviews for something that helped with psoriasis like symptoms, I couldn’t help but put myself forward.

I don’t think that I personally suffer with psoriasis, but I do have quite a few issues with my scalp. From other accounts, it seems that mine may stem from my PCOS. But anything that can potentially stop the itching, and the scabs is something that I am always going to want to try. I have tried other products in the past but unfortunately, they haven’t worked for me. So although, I was wanting this one to. I didn’t feel overly optimistic about it.

First Thoughts

When I first opened the Tony Maleedy shampoo, I was taken back to my teenage years of using Polytar. The smell that first hit me was very reminiscent of that product. However, this seemed much more like a shampoo than a specific treatment for your scalp. After my first week of using it, I had noticed a change. I started using this during the summer, and the heat had caused my scalp issues to flare but this calmed it down. Something I was really thankful for.

I did find it weird that the instructions said to leave the shampoo on your head for a few minutes. I’m the sort of person to lather and rinse. I thought that was the idea with all shampoo? Have I been using it wrong my entire life? It was a strange change to my shower routine, but after a month it became second nature.

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Did Tony Maleedy work for me?

After having used it for the past few months, I have found that my scalp is so much better. I don’t think I’ve dealt with an itchy scalp since I started. Let’s be honest, that was the main goal I was hoping for. But the fact that I’ve had this many months in a row that makes me feel like I have a scalp that’s not out to get me, is amazing. I am a little worried that once the bottle is done I will have to go back to itchiness and bleeding. 

I think that this product has definitely worked to calm done my scalp, and I think that this would definitely help others with psoriasis, or psoriasis-like problems. But for almost £20 a bottle it is understandable if you are a little skeptical. I know that I was. If I had not been given this as a gift, I don’t think I would have ever picked it up. However, I am tempted to buy more once this has run out. After 4 and half months of using this every other day, I still have around a quarter of a bottle left. So it does seem like good value for money. 

Have you tried this Tony Maleedy scalp therapy before? If so, did you find that it helped you? If not, do you think you may pick it up to try?

Hasta la fuego

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*Disclaimer. This product was sent to me on a gifting basis. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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