Revolución de Cuba 2018 Menu

A photo of the drinks menu placed atop the food menu at Revolución de Cuba on top of a white checked table, with blue squares. The the title words "Refreshed Revolución de Cuba Menu, 2018 Edition written across the top of it.

My friends at Revolución de Cuba in Sheffield recently invited me along to try their newly refreshed cocktail menu, and their updated food menu. I feel like Latin food is an intrinsic part to me, and couldn’t refused. I’ve been to Revolución a few times and the food has always been tasty and delicious. I had high hopes that it would be the case for my most recent visit. 

The staff were really helpful throughout the meal. When we were asked what we wanted, I asked for the new food and drink items to be pointed out. I didn’t want to review something they’ve had for months! It turned out the majority of the drinks menu was brand new. But still mainly rum based. The food was not as updated, with only the mains seeing a main change. However, there was still enough new things for Todd and I to make a good choice.

A picture of the Smokey Pete's Strawberry Punch and the Super Stocke Cherry Coke cocktails from Revolución de Cuba. These drinks are both pinky-red in colour. With an orange protruding from Smokey Pete's and a cherry topping the Cherry Coke.

I opted for Smokey Pete’s Summer Punch, two types of rum with some smoke and strawberries. Whereas Todd went for a Super Stoked Cherry Coke. I did try Todd’s drink, and I kinda wish that I had gone with that as a drink. I liked the Smokey Pete, but the rum was really strong. Probably better if you are having an afternoon drinking.

What other drinks did Revolución de Cuba have to offer?

As well as all their standard drinks, they had a Nuclear Daiquiri. I know, what on earth does that mean? Well the main thing is that it was bright green and came in a glass with a light flashing underneath it. It was a pretty cool gimmick and it looked pretty snazzy. But I did not like the taste. Again, two different types of rum. I think my cocktails need just the one, but Todd really enjoyed it. He also let me eat the candyfloss cloud! So there was one thing I really enjoyed!

I went for my usual Strawberry Daiquiri as a second drink. I know I should have tried something else, but I just can’t say no to an strawberry slush puppy. Let’s be honest, that is pretty much all a daiquiri really is! 

A photo of the luminescent nuclear daquiri available at Revolción de Cuba. This bright green drink is topped with a piece of white candy-floss and the drink is placed in front of an open drinks menu.

What is on the refreshed food menu?

There has only been minimal change to the food menu at Revolución de Cuba. Their tapas menu hasn’t changed much, but there have been a few new additions to their mains. Which is where we set our sights on what to have for lunch. 

There were quite few different dishes to try, but we opted for Chicken Enchiladas and the Swordfish. I am a sucker for any sort of Latin food in a tortilla wrap, so knowing that the enchilada was a new addition greatly helped my decision. Whereas Todd is a sucker for a good fish dish. He’s only had swordfish a few times, and because of that he’s always wanting to try it and see how it can be paired.

A photo of the two main menu options chosen during this trip. The chicken enchilada dish is on the left-hand side of the screen with the dish being presented as zesty rice, enchilada, and then beans. The grilled swordfish is on the right with it's presentation as grilled peppers and spinach sat above the swordfish, with the swordfish covered in the tomato sauce and the potatoes resting beneath this.

The enchilada came with some Zesty Rice and some Refried Beans. Two really good sides, and the rice made the enchilada a bit more like a burrito. The size of the portion was a lot bigger than I was expecting, and I’m glad that I didn’t opt for any other sides to go with it. Now I might be a massive sucker for anything that contains a wrap and rice, but this did not disappoint. The ratio of filling to wrap was perfect, and the two sides were exactly what was needed to give this dish a full rounded flavour.

Todd really enjoyed the swordfish that he ordered. He thought it was meaty and well-cooked. Maybe one of the best that he’s had before, and he would go for that again! Weirdly, he said that it felt like he was actually eating meat. The portion size of the dish was exactly as needed, not too little and not too much. The little potatoes that came with it helped to break up the taste and texture of the swordfish but in a good way.

What’s a trip out without dessert?

Dessert is something that I always look forward to with a meal. I know I shouldn’t, but I’ve always had a really big sweet tooth. That being said, the chocolate brownie with the rum and caramel sauce with ice cream, is not something I was going to pass up. I was shocked to see the size of it. The dish it came out in wasn’t that big, but the brownie pretty much filled it all with ease. 

Despite the sauce saying it contained rum, I couldn’t really taste any. Which was not a bad thing, as I feel that rum can be really overpowering at times. And I prefer it when I can’t really taste it. I know, probably not the best advocate of a Cuban themed place, but I do love the drinks anyway! The mix of the chocolate, vanilla and caramel, however, was the perfect mix of flavours for this dessert. 

Todd went for something a little more adventurous with the the Pornstar Pavlova, and yes it did come with a shot of prosecco. Unfortunately, I did not get to try this after attempting my brownie there was no way I could try anything else! However, Todd found this to be tangy, and in his own words, top notch. (I know right, what century is he from?) He’s said this is definitely a dessert for the lovers of passion fruit. He really enjoyed it but also described it as intense. But he wouldn’t elaborate any further.

Overall, Revolución de Cuba has surpassed itself with it’s new revamped food menu and updated cocktail menu is something that I would really recommend. The Sheffield branch is filled with staff that are always on hand to help, and they really do help to make the meal the best you can get. Now to plan my next trip there!

Hasta la fuego

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