December Goals: 2018 Edition

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I’ve been keeping goal lists since around June this year. I see it less of a “I really need to complete this” and more of a to-do list for the month. I think it helps to keep me organised and on track. And I also think it helps to keep me more focused. My only downfall has been my own persistence in completing the tasks at hand. Which is where this post falls in line for my December goals!

Every month, hopefully on the first, I’m going to do a recap of the previous month’s goals and what I’m planning to get done in the next month. A little bit of accountability is what I’m going for, as Todd’s disappointment in me not completing all my goals does not seem to be cutting it! I think the main reason I struggle is that I’m trying to be too ambitious with my time. It also doesn’t help that I live in two places, so some things become a little more difficult to navigate.

That being said, here’s the recap of November’s Goals.

I didn’t create my goal list for November until after I came back from Spain on the 15th. For that reason, I tried to include a few things that I shouldn’t struggle too much with. But I also wanted to make sure that they were still important to me, and that I wanted to complete them.

The goals that I went for were:
1) Start doing Park Runs, and go to at least 3.
2) Complete the core workout section from my training programme, at least once a week.
3) Continue with my 16 hour fasts.
4) Finish my novella, print the draft and begin retyping.
5) Read at least 2 books.
6) Think of and decide on a title for my novella.
7) Decide on where I’m taking my blog.
(Please note crossed out lines were fully completed!)

I’m saying that I completed 4 and half out of the 7. The reason for the half, is that I have been thinking about where I want to take my blog, but I’ve not been able to fully decide on the course of action! I mean, I know I want a redesign and somehow to incorporate some of the writing that I’ve been doing. But my main decision is focused on the structure of the site and how to access posts. 

The other 4 areas are easier to guess why I’ve completed them. They were more straight-forward and easier to fit within my usual day-to-day schedule.

So the two that I didn’t complete at all were both related to my current work in progress. I have been looking to complete this since August, but trying to fit in writing time around my blog, going away and work is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. But I have started trying to get up around 40 minutes earlier than usual to get some writing done before I need to get ready for work. It has been helping me. But until I’ve finished this draft, I don’t think I will be ready for the title.

Moving onto my December goals

I actually struggle to come up with some goals for December. I know that they need to carry on the same sort of themes that I have been doing. For my own continuity more than anything, but I’m reluctant to put up anything too extreme! i’m really determined to make December my best month for completing my goals!

So what are my December goals? I’ve finally settled on the below 8:
1) Do at least 3 5km runs, which can include the weekly Park Runs.
2) Reduce the amount of snacks that I eat. (This is going to be difficult with both my birthday and Christmas, but I’m going to try my best!)
3) Aim to run 0.8miles in 10 minutes on the treadmill.
4) Read at least 2 books.
5) Upload at least one blog post a month. (I mean, I do need to be more consistent, so it’s a good goal to have for every month.)
6) Try to create a home/landing page for my blog.
7) Complete the first draft, and the re-typing of my WIP.
8) Add an extra £5 to my secondary savings account.

I try to keep them a little bit varied, but with similar themes. I’ve been trying to improve my overall well-being for the second half of the year, which is why that the majority of my goals are still focused on that. I have been looking to keep an a good routine going to see what I can do to help reduce weight with my PCOS.

Now to keep my fingers crossed that I can achieve these December goals. Or at least complete the majority of them! The one I really want to achieve is with my WIP. So I need to properly sit down and focus on getting that done. Have you made any December goals? What are they?

Hasta la fuego

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