Has blogging lost it’s way?

Has Blogging Lost Its Way title image. The text of the article title is overlaid on a picture of an orange tree in a courtyard in Salamanca. Photo taken by Lauren, owner of My Lavender Tinted World

It’s a simple enough question and I feel it’s something that has been on everyone’s thoughts recently. Has blogging lost it’s way? Is the blogging community still a thing? Are we slowly becoming more disillusioned with the whole concept? More and more frequently I’m seeing people talking about either working with their dream brand on […]

Trying American Sodas

Trying American Sodas title picture shows the can of Grape Fanta, Arizona Kiwi Strawberry and Jolly Rancher in Strawberry that were all tried. Give it a read to find out what I thought to each on My Lavender Tinted World

I recently found out about a new American sweet shop that opened up near me, and I couldn’t resist getting a handful of treats. The main thing that I bought, however, was a few different types of American Sodas. And yes, I do feel weird calling them sodas! The things I picked up were a […]

January Fitness Recap

My Lavender Tinted World's January Fitness Recap. The picture title shows January Fitness Recap overlaid on a backdrop of Belém in Portugal

I had a bit of a lapse with blogging through February, so my January fitness post is a little bit late. Sorry guys! I did however find that my January fitness my have been the best it has for so many months! I’ve never been one of those people who enjoys exercising but my 10K […]

Winter Lip Care Essentials

Every winter I have an issue with my lips getting chapped from the cold and this one has been no different. That’s why I’ve invested in these lip care essentials. It’s not like I’ve never used lip balms before, but this time round I have made more effort to use them daily. I think this […]